Philly schools to be ‘one-stop location’ for government handouts

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Instead of the welfare office and City Hall, Philadelphia residents may soon be lining up at schools to apply for government benefits.

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Quarter of Hawaii’s population now on Medicaid

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New statistics released by the state Department of Human Services show about a quarter of Hawaii’s population relies on Medicaid.

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Kansas SNAPs streak of rising food stamp errors

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SNAP'd: After several years of rising errors, Kansas has finally managed to get its SNAP payments under control.

Kansas flubbed more than $18.9 million in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Payments during FY2013.

But hey, look on the bright side, the state has finally managed to snap its streak of rising payment errors stretching back to 2010.

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Ohio caseworkers to get bonuses for simply doing their jobs

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There was a nice bonus included in Ohio’s Mid-Biennium Budget Review bill – literally. A section in House Bill 483 established a new bonus program for county Job & Family Service caseworkers who do their job.

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BadgerCare may cost millions more than expected

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JOBS: The Council of Economic Advisors says expanding Medicaid would create 63,800 new jobs.

If current enrollment figures hold, state taxpayers would pay $63 million more than budgeted for BadgerCare through June 2015.

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Week in Review: Hidden public records and bulletproof vests

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This week, public records remain hidden, even from the government audits.

By Bre Payton | Watchdog.org Virginia Bureau
This week, public records remain hidden, and a county supervisor called for bulletproof vests in a feisty Facebook exchange.
A new poll revealed that Virginians are more concerned about economic issues than Medicaid.
This is your week in review.
Virginia hides public records behind third-party contract
A two-month Watchdog.org investigation has made one [...]

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