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Legal expert calls John Chisholm’s Supreme Court petition ‘outlandish’

By   /  April 29, 2016  /  First Amendment, Free Speech, News, Power Abuse, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

NO SURPRISE: Milwaukee County District Attorney has filed his petition asking the U.S. Supreme Court to save his abusive John Doe investigation into right-center groups

“Where I see this going is precisely nowhere,” said Andrew Grossman.

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Will ‘Alicia’s Law’ catch bad guys or curtail civil rights?

By   /  April 19, 2016  /  News, Power Abuse, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

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“SPD will look for how it is used practically and its impact on the civil liberties of people still considered innocent until proven guilty,” Adam Plotkin said.

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Can a school district decide how Catholic a school is?

By   /  April 13, 2016  /  Education, First Amendment, News, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

APTOPIX Vatican Pope

A private school in Richfield, Wisconsin, and the parents of three students are taking Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction Superintendent Tony Evers and the Friess Lake School District to court over the question of who gets to decide if the school is Catholic or not. The lawsuit, filed April 8 in Waukesha County Circuit Court by attorneys with […]

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Sale of surplus school property takes a step forward

By   /  April 13, 2016  /  Education, News, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

Photo by James Wigderson

After meeting for more than an hour in closed session, the Milwaukee Zoning, Neighborhoods and Development Committee voted unanimously to recognize five private and charter schools as education operators and accepted their letters of interest in buying unused school properties. The Tuesday morning vote ends a series of delays caused by committee members and Milwaukee Public Schools […]

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Wisconsin cracks top 10 on national economic competitiveness ranking

By   /  April 12, 2016  /  Economy, News, Regulations, State Government, Taxes, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

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“Wisconsin is one of the shining stars in this year’s edition,” said Jonathan Williams, vice president of the ALEC Center for State Fiscal Reform.

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Rising debt, taxes dim economic outlook in Texas

By   /  April 12, 2016  /  News, Taxes, Texas  /  No Comments


The American Legislative Exchange Council downgraded Texas to No. 12 in its 50-state economic outlook released Tuesday.

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