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Texas Watchdog Newsletters

Texas Watchdog Newsletter – June 2015

  The admissions scandal at UT-Austin continues as key documents are withheld from the public. Was it a cover up? Editorial boards at The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and Dallas Morning News sound off.


Texas Watchdog Newsletter – August 2015

  Accusations that Republican state Rep. Byron Cook abuses his authority are flying high after he tried to impose stiff regulations on watchdog groups and gutted an ethics reform bill intended to increased government transparency.


Texas Watchdog Newsletter – November 2015

As Texas classrooms bulge with nearly 100,000 more students each year, critics of the current system say it’s demonstrably inefficient and in need of reform. Two powerful men, however, are standing in the way of change.


Texas Watchdog Newsletter – January 2016

There were plenty of scary people in state and local governments across America last year, and at least three of them came from Texas. Watchdog has been keeping an eye on them, however, and reporting their misdeeds to the world.


Texas Watchdog Newsletter – May 2016

The City of West Lake Hills has been dealt a blow in its years-long battle with homeowners Jeff and Carrie Peace. How did its labyrinthine insider deal go bad?