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University of Texas Admissions Scandal: An Overview of Our 60+ Story Investigation

What started as a small investigation into the University of Texas law school’s admission process has grown into a Texas-sized scandal indicating that the University of Texas Law School has been knowingly accepting underqualified students who had connections to the politically powerful.

Jon Cassidy, Bureau Chief of Texas Watchdog

Jon Cassidy, Bureau Chief of Texas Watchdog

In the most extreme cases — 18 of which have come to light — students’ test scores on the Law School Admissions Test wouldn’t get them into the weakest law schools in the country.

Wallace Hall, a Gov. Rick Perry appointee to the University of Texas Board of Regents, blew the whistle on the influence peddling. Yet he was accused by the University and by the media of making wild accusations. In fact, as Jon Cassidy proved, Hall was right: a bipartisan group of legislators had for years been using the UT admissions process as their own spoils system.

Jon went to work developing sources in the legislature and the university. He built a database that tracked over a decade’s worth of academic data from students admitted to UT and then traced the individual students who later performed poorly on the Texas Bar exam. Then he found the smoking gun: documents that linked each under-qualified student to a powerful lawmaker or state official.

Jon Cassidy continues to break stories about the UT admissions scandal, for which the Dallas Observer credits “Cassidy’s bullet-proof record of accuracy on this story over almost two years of frequent reporting.”

Key Stories from Texas Watchdog’s Coverage of the Investigation:

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